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Our Marketing department is looking for an enthusiastic young individual to join our team as a Social Media Executive for an Ecommerce Company. As a Social Media Executive, you will be responsible for maintaining our company’s social media platforms. You will also be responsible for creating captivating content for all social media pages. Monitoring user engagement and analyzing feedback on a daily basis is a mandatory task.

• Developing engaging social media strategies.
• Managing social media platforms of the organization.
• Scheduling social media posts.
• Engaging followers with regular company updates.
• Creating brand awareness to gain audience attention.
• Overseeing Social Media teamwork.
• Responding to the comments on social media on time.
• Creating paid social media campaigns for advertising.
• Monitoring social media metrics and ROI.
• Analyzing social media trends.
• Assisting the HR department with hiring and training new employees.
• Preparing social media engagement and activities reports.
• Optimizing social media content effectively.
• Coordinating with Graphic Designer and other team members.
• Staying up to date with the latest social media advertising efforts and goals.

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